"I saw another angel coming down from heaven...
and the earth was illuminated with his glory."
Revelation 18:1

Global Uncertainty

Have you ever wondered why there are so many problems in the world? Wars, disasters, disease, and difficulty of every kind... Sometimes we get so used to these kinds of things that we hardly even notice any more. We assume that’s the way things have always been and always will be.

But, if you really think about it, you could hardly say that the world we live in is in an ideal state for the life and happiness of all. Especially when things hit closer to home, when we feel our own pain instead of just watching it on the news, or when we come face to face with real difficulties in our own lives and families, then we may start to question as to why things are the way they are and what the meaning of it all might be.

Could it be that there is some reason or origin for the problems we see in our world? Could it be possible that there is a deeper explanation for things? Could it be that all these things are coming to a culmination of some kind, as some have predicted? These are the types of questions that may sometimes flash through our minds.

The famed Doomsday Clock, maintained by the board of directors of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists of University of Chicago and most recently set at 5 minutes to midnight on January 10, 2012, seems an expression of a general awareness many people have that our world may be on the verge of some kind of global crisis. The symbolic “clock” is set to reflect threats dangerous to mankind that have the potential to inflict irrevocable damage and lead to global disaster, things like nuclear war or climate change.

Certainly many such threats do exist. Virulent microbes, nuclear war, economic or ecological collapse are among other issues that seem to loom on the horizon. Since we possess the power to destroy ourselves, and with human nature being what it is, it seems almost more of a question of “when” than “if” there will be a serious global, catastrophic event.

The Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED), an international nonprofit organization which collaborates with the World Health Organization (WHO), reported in 2010 that there was a very dramatic increase in natural disasters just over the past decade. It stated that further research was needed to determine the role of climate change in the increase. Nevertheless, such an increase seems to speak as sort of a warning or harbinger of something to come, perhaps as if nature were beginning to groan under the weight of the burdens we have placed on it.

It’s clear that there are some very real threats facing our world today. Besides this, with so many opinions, doomsday predictions and prophecies floating around in the mix, it is sometimes difficult to determine what’s reliable and what’s mere fantasy. Since how we respond to and prepare for the potential coming crises may mean the difference between life and death for ourselves and our families, it’s essential to be able to make sense of what we are seeing and understand how that relates to our own lives. In reality, that may mean more than just recycling and conserving electricity, as important as those things are.

After much careful research, it is the viewpoint of the author of this blog that there are reliable answers to be found in regards to the things that are happening in our world today, as well as a bigger picture of what these things have stemmed from and how they will likely culminate, and what we can do to stay safe and have certainty in a world full of chaos. These things will be the focus of this blog.

It’s really time to take an honest look at what’s happening around us. It’s true that we shouldn’t be unnecessarily alarmist, and that taking extreme views on things can often be a sign of imbalance, mental or otherwise. However at the same time, to be calm and objective may sometimes mean facing real potential problems rather than just downplaying them or turning a blind eye.

Hope you will join me for the journey, as we consider …the signs of the times…

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